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Useful Links

Auckland Council - Parks and facilities
Follow the links to view information on other Auckland Parks.

Kaipatiki Project
Another community project in our neighbourhood.

Joy Plants
Down to earth environmental and ecological consultants.

O2 Landscapes
An Auckland-based landscape design and installation company, specialising in the creation of New Zealand native gardens.

Oratia Native Plant Nursery
Oratia Native Plant Nursery's work extends beyond the commercial possibilities of native plants and it cooperates closely with various agencies and groups to increase the knowledge of New Zealand's indigenous species.

The Hebe Society
The Hebe Society promotes the cultivation and conservation of hebes and other New Zealand native plants.

Landscape Planting Design by Paul Ashford
Planting with New Zealand Natives

Department of Conservation
Native plants

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network
Established in 2003 with the vision that 'no indigenous species of plant will become extinct nor be placed at risk of extinction as a result of human action or indifference, and that the rich, divers, unique plant life of New Zealand will be recognised, cherished and restored'.

Bushman's Friend
Information resource on New Zealand Native Plants

Kiwi Conservation Club
A Forest and Bird project for children