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Fernglen Garden and Bush Walk

Entrance Gates to Fernglen
Fernglen Entrance Gate

Fernglen has well maintained walking tracks that provide an excellent opportunity to observe many interesting species. As you enter the gates to Fernglen there are four panels that provide general information about New Zealand flora, a history of Fernglen with notes on the different groups of plants to be seen and a plan of the region drawn to scale.

The main walk is down the Kauri Ridge where kauri trees of approximately 300 years old can be seen. At the bottom there is a fine stand of Nikau palms and the New Zealand begonia Elatostema carpets the ground. This was introduced from the Waitakere ranges in the 1920’s. Dominating this area is a magnificent rimu estimated to be a seedling at the time of Captain Cook's first visit to New Zealand in 1769. It provides accommodation for a host of epiphytes Collospermun. You can choose to return and ascend a steep ridge back to the gazebo or if you desire a longer walk, at the bottom of the ridge, cross the boardwalk and ascend steps which will bring you out into a grove of young Kauri which were funded by the Birkenhead Rotary Club.

Toilet facilities are available by the entrance to the Education Centre. We ask you to please sign the visitor's book in the gazebo before starting Walks.

Fernglen Track Map

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Select thumbnail of track map to view full version. Printable Fernglen track and plant location map:

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Points of Interest to See on Your Walk

For more information on each of these follow the links to each point of interest either by selecting the title below or the link from the drop down menu under Walks page on the navigation bar.

Allow approximately one hour to walk the complete track and longer if you want to view the points of interest in more detail.

Alpine House

Fernglen has aimed at creating an alpine environment in the city.

Offshore Islands Collection

Here you will find plants from the Three Kings, the Poor knights and the Chatham Islands.

Dracophyllum Collection

Against the rear wall of the house are different species of the unusual Dracophyllum genus, the grass trees.

Fern House

For those who want to venture further a visit to the fern house is well worth a look.

Ben's Ridge

For the more energetic a visit to Ben's Ridge is well worth a visit.