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The Dracophyllum Collection

Dracophyllum of Grass Tree
Dracophyllum or Grass Tree

Against the rear wall of the house are ten different species of the unusual Dracophyllum genus, the grass trees.

Dracophyllum (grass trees) are a genus of about 50 trees and shrubs of which 35 are endemic to New Zealand . They vary from moss-like high alpines to trees up to 9m tall. The genus contains very distinctive and interesting plants, some of which are suitable for a large rock garden.

Dracophyllum latifolum is commonly known as the 'mop headed' grass tree or Nenei. It is most unusual with its candelabra lke branches and large rosettes of foliage at the tips. It grows naturally in Northland, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay.

Dracophyllum strictum thrives on moist day banks, and is one of the easier Dracophyllum to cultivate.

Dracophyllum muscoides is found only in sub-alpine bogs and grasslands. A specimen can be found growing in the Alpine house.